Be part of Vancouver Design Week 2018 as a Designed Tasting Host!  

Have a fantastic tasting room (restaurant, cafe, brewery, etc) and want to share more than just what’s on the menu? Tastings are a chance for you to share your vision and its realization, and for the public to get a taste of all that goes in to creating the locales they love.

* Host a 1-2 hour ticketed event to share the stories behind - and samples of - your signature moves

* Suggested ticket price of $10 - $25 (but you set the amount based on what's on offer)

* To appear on our Event Schedule, complete the following form and send us a link to your ticketing site.

A more detailed Participant Kit will be available soon. Questions in the interim contact
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Thanks for your application! We'll follow up with any other news or questions.

If you have questions or problems, contact